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About us

Meet Eve and Karim

We are a duo of Pizza lovers with a passion for cooking. Both of us have over 20 years of experience in the food and catering industry. Karim always dreamt about owning his own pizzeria. In 2017 he decided to build a wood fired oven in our garden, where we started hosting parties for family and friends. We received some amazing feedback and friends began to say "guys this pizzas are delicious, you should start a business". After months of research , we decided to take the plunge and go for it. We bought a Vintage horse box back in November 2020 and began to covert it into a wood fired pizzeria. We started trading in June 2021. We took such dedication and pride in our new found venture so we decided to leave our full time jobs. We now run pop-ups in local pubs ( North Hertfordshire area). We also cater for weddings and private events across 

many counties.


Our Dough & Ingredients

Our dough is made using the finest Italian flour. The technique we use to make the dough results in a light , crispy base with a nice bubbly crust. Our tomato sauce is made with some of the finest quality Italian tomatoes . We use a variety of excellent quality cheeses. The same goes for our toppings, we only use the best quality. Whether you are Vegetarian or Vegan , Gluten free or lactose intolerant, we can cater for you. We take allergies and dietary requirements very seriously.

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